Dr. Y.S.P. Thorat
Director General, PIRENS Chairman, Governing Body, PIRENS

Img The tought leadership to the organization is provided by Dr. YSP Thorat, FORMER Chairman NABARD, Erstwhile Executive Director, RBI and presently Director General, PIRENS. His other roles include Chairman, Working Group on Institutional Finance, Risk Management and Cooperatives for the 12th Plan set up by the Planning Commission, Government of India. Dr. Thorat started his career in The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 1972 and was appointed Executive Director in 2003. The appointments held by him while in RBI included Principal, BTC; Regional Director, New Delhi, Maharashtra and Goa, etc. He was on the Boards of several banks and other financial institutions. Under Dr.Thorat's guidance, the Management has aligned the institutional culture and values with the competencies of the Faculty, the aspirations of the students and the behavior patterns of the workforce. His leadership has aligned the management to do things right and to ensure that the right things are done.


In this endeavor our Foundation is always seeking the best talent from industry and the academics. We have a curriculum blended with enough practical exposure and theoretical knowledge. We believe in the power of quality education in illuminating the lives of millions. We strictly follow the AICTE norms in our entire endeavor of transforming the ordinary person to an extraordinary individual."