PIRENS IBMA has a voluntary student body working under the PIRENS IBMA Alumni cell.
The Students' Alumni Cell continuously endeavors to strengthen the relations of the alumni of this Institute and their alma mater. It has been instrumental in organizing the Annual Alumni Meet, Regional Student Alumni Meet, regular guest lectures by distinguished alumni in the campus, publishing the annual literary magazine & the annual yearbook. The Students' Alumni Cell also operates the Student - Alumni Mentorship Programmed.

For Alumni

The Students' Alumni Cell works towards ensuring mutual benefit of the Students as well as the Alumni. The Cell helps the alumni in staying connected to their alma mater. Through regular interactions with the students, the alumni get a chance to share their experiences and impart the knowledge they have acquired to the next generation of Alumni. Also, with this interchange, they get a glimpse of the young minds of the nation.

For Institute

The alumni community often takes keen interest in the Institute’s workings and the prevalent conditions. Students' Alumni Cell reconnects the Institute and alumni, providing the alumni with an avenue to give back to their alma mater.

For Students

Students' Alumni Cell works in conjunction with the student administration bodies and is therefore constantly in touch with the needs and wants of the students. It connects the students with the alumni, giving them a chance to interact with some of the most eminent personalities in all fields of work. It works towards making their learning experience more holistic.


Alumni Coordinator :
Loni Bk., Rahata, Ahmednagar, 413736,
Landline : (02422) 273694
Email-id: pirens.alc@pravara.in