Induction Programme (Diksharambha-2020-21)

A 2 days online induction programme “Diksharambh 2020-21” was conducted on 15/02/2021 and 16/02/2021. All newly as well as existing students of MBA, MCA and B.Voc departments participated enthusiastically in the event. In total near about 375 students participated into this opening event.

The programme was planned to include the different sessions, exposure and trainings as per the AICTE Student Induction Programme guidelines. The opening day was marked by a scheduled inauguration programme with the inclusion of session and practical training on ‘Importance of Yoga in Students Life by Dr. Gaurav Kadlag and the Self Introduction activity for Students.

The following day was made with the session on ‘Role of Human Values in Social Relationships’ by Prof. Ramesh Sarode. The next session was to be given the syllabus orientation to the new entrants by Dr.M.A.Tamboli and Prof.Manoj Langote to MBA and MCA new comers respectively. The afternoon session was allotted as the platform for the fresher’s to put forth their creative ideas.

Fresher’s Programme 2020-21

The Fresher’s program for newly admitted students in MBA, MCA and B.Voc, which was organized at the Institute with a full of energy. The program was scheduled in 1 day on 27th Feb 2021. The fresher’s program was conducted as per the guidelines issued by the MHRD, AICTE and UGC in online mode on incidence of pandemic covid-19. The dignitaries present on the occasion were Dr. N. U. Bankar - Dy. Director, PIRENS IBMA, Dr. M. A. Tamboli HOD – MBA, Prof. M. S. Langote HOD – MCA.

All newly as well as existing students from MBA, MCA and B. Voc departments were actively participated in the fresher’s program. In total 215 students attended the program.

Webinar on Importance of Body Language in Personality Development
One of the important aspects of Personality Development i.e Body Language and its Importance was chosen as the delivery topic by Dr.Parag Saraf in line with the Rural Entrepreneurship motivation. The session commenced exactly at 09:30 AM with the opening in the form of activity based learning on 01/10/2020. The important facts based on the findings of the surveys conducted by American Society for Administrative Professionals (ASAP) on body languages were disclosed by the speaker. The facts and figures reported therein clearly indicated the need of the soft skills and so the body language in the present day business scenario as important employability skill. The session was introduced with the types of body languages unknowingly expressed by each and every individual Accordingly, near about seven types of body languages exist; was justified by the speaker. Subsequently, characteristics and functions of body language expressions were made clear supporting it with real time examples. With the preliminary information, the session jumped on to the handshakes; its origin, dos and don’ts, as well as types of handshakes. Subsequently, importance of smiles in the appearance was demonstrated. Total of 42 students participated for the seminar.

Poster Presentation Competition on Rural Entrepreneurship

Poster Presentation Competition was organized on 30/09/2020 under Rural Entrepreneurship Development Cell. The said competition was organized for the institute postgraduate students of MBA and MCA. In total near about 41 students presented the posters in the competition. The papers presents included both the digital papers as well as hard cardboard sheet papers.

A webinar on "Opportunities in Rural Entrepreneurship"

Rural Entrepreneurship Development Cell. PIRENS organized a webinar tiled ‘Opportunities in Rural Entrepreneurship’ on 05/10/2020.

The special guest, Mr. Devendra Borde Patil, Proprietor of Fashion Hub, Shrirampur outlined the current opportunities for the development in the rural sector. He also highlighted the activities for promoting the rural business and the transformation of the activities into viable business activities.

He also briefed the objective and importance of the Webinar in the context of post-lockdown scenario of Covid-19. He also urged the repatriated people to exploit the enormous entrepreneurial opportunities in the rural sector to ensure better employment. The webinar was aimed at providing an overview about the innovative business potential, development strategies and the various major business support schemes preferred by the government. Around 40 participants participated in the Webinar.

Gram Swachhta Abhiyaan

Rural Entrepreneurship Development Cell, PIRENS Institute of Business Management and Administration organized "Gram Swachhata Abhiyan" on the occasion of 151" Birth Anniversary os Mahatma Gandhiji as on 2nd October, 2020.

Clean environment is an indicator of progress of human being and the main purpose of this programme was to create awareness among the students and society regarding Cleanliness and its benefits. PIRENS Institute of Business Management and Administration has taken this opportunity and initiated cleanliness drive in and outside the home as well as in the surroundings as considering the pandemic of Covid-19 gathering people and cleaning was not likely to happen. It was an initiative taken to celebrate the 151st Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji by clicking picture, maintaining social distancing, and cleaning our surroundings. Participants were encourage to clean the surrounding, removed the grass and weeds besides the divider and picked up the plastic garbage from both sides of road, while doing the said the things click the picture and sent us.

National Webinar on COVID-19 and its impact on Indian Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major challenge for both developed and developing countries. Industrial and agricultural value chains are significantly impacted by distancing and containment measures which hamper the proper functioning of the global economy. This situation seriously threatens export earnings, public finances balance, external debt sustainability and India’s economic growth prospects. This environment necessarily induces higher risks of default by borrowers and therefore negatively affects the Indian financial sector.

The potential contagion effected of a recession. This webinar discussed the potential impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on the Indian economy. The webinar was hosted by the IQAC of PIRENS IBMA ON 10/06/2020.

Dr. Azharuddin Sayed (Head, Department of Commerce, BAMU, Aurangabad was the resource person for the webinar.